Deepening Management for Total Consultancy 

DMTC is a company based in Bahrain, offering a varied range of human resources development and placement services, as well as events management, across the GCC region and internationally.


Our Specialties

  • Training and Development Programs
  • Management and Business Consultancy
  • Recruitment and Head Hunting
  • Events Execution and Management


DMTC conducts several training programs for organizations and individuals targeting skill development and change management, facilitated through multiple learning settings including intensive learning programs, specialized training programs, as well as long and short term courses.


DMTC specializes in finding and placing top talents in prime local and international entities. Our recruitment services span all sectors and industries and enjoy great results that are yielded off of our many years of experience in the field.


Our services are designed around our belief in human resources to be the greatest asset, evident in our strife to developing individuals, as well as placing them in the right jobs. DMTC is a catalyst in enhancing competencies; we assist organizations in making necessary changes and see them through the process to become optimal performers, and build the partnerships and networks that serve their sustained success. Our programs ensure the utmost benefit is gained out of the varied abilities and the diversity amongst any entity’s workforce. Our services are designed to fit the unique circumstances of each entity, and our proficient team is trained to work accordingly.


Accreditation and Affiliates

Excellence and compliance with world-renowned standards are the pillars of our craft, and pride ourselves in the international network we have built which enables us to deliver services of the highest quality and at the optimal efficiency of time and money.


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