Consulting Services Profile 

DMTC Profile

  • DMTC is a Management Training and Consultancy, with years of experience as results-oriented learning facilitators in National and International co-operations and our experts are dedicated professionals, working with great flexibility and understanding.
  • DMTC enhances the competencies of staff members, assists organizations to improve performances, maximizes the impact of partnerships and networks and focuses on sustainable results in projects and programmes.
  • To achieve results, we focus on the abilities of people. We will build onto your existing knowledge and experiences, respect diversity, and meet your reality at work.
  • At DMTC, we believe in positively affecting people by inspiring them in their personal, social and professional environments. In doing so, we strengthen their respect for themselves and for each other, and give them a new, take on their values, beliefs and perception.
  • An acronym for Succeeding through Enriched People, DMTC recognizes the significance of people as the true differentiator in today’s competitive environment.


Our Mission

Is to provide Full integrated Development Services with Multi – National Standards through applying Real Life Business Environment and Best Practices.


Our Vision

Is to be an active agent in changing training and consulting industry in the Middle East.


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