Training & Development

DMTC Proffesional Services

We offer state-of-the-art training programs tailored to all levels within an organization, emphasizing real-life applications for skills enhancement and behavioral growth. Our hands-on approach ensures continuous improvement and adaptability to the evolving business landscape.

DMTC Overview

DMTC is a leading management training and consultancy firm with years of experience in delivering results-oriented learning for both national and international corporations. Our team comprises dedicated professionals who bring flexibility and understanding to each project.

  • Core Objectives: Enhance staff competencies, assist organizations in performance improvement, maximize partnership impacts, and focus on sustainable project results.
  • Philosophy: We believe in transforming individuals positively by inspiring them in their personal, social, and professional spheres, enhancing their respect for themselves and others, and offering fresh perspectives on values and beliefs.

Our Mission

To provide fully integrated development services that meet multinational standards through real-life business environments and best practices.

Our Vision

To be a transformative force in the training and consulting industry across the Middle East.

Our Commitments

  • Serve as a strategic partner in Learning & Development (L&D) for modern organizations, employing innovative proprietary tools.
  • Offer customized solutions post-detailed needs assessments to effect positive changes in behavior, attitudes, and skills organization-wide.
  • Assure representation and advocacy for client interests throughout the engagement.

Our Aim

To continually drive meaningful development within organizations by evolving our methodologies, tools, and techniques. Our consultants are committed to delivering the finest L&D solutions, aiding organizations in evaluating strengths, developing talent, and managing change.

Training Needs Process

  • Analysis: Discuss business requirements and determine employee learning needs. Set learning goals and objectives based on organizational objectives.
  • Design: Determine the required training type and structure the training program to meet defined objectives. Customize content to align with specific training goals.
  • Delivery: Define delivery methods to ensure an engaging and comprehensive learning environment. Execute top-notch training delivery.
  • Evaluation: Align training outcomes with business requirements. Confirm achievement of training objectives through continuous assessment.

Training Modules Overview

Modules are designed to cover essential skills and knowledge areas such as professionalism, leadership, effective communication, time management, problem-solving, and change management. Each module includes specific learning objectives, course outlines, and detailed time allocations for various activities.

Training Logistics

  • Duration & Schedule: Customizable based on client requirements.
  • Venue: Typically conducted in high-quality environments conducive to learning, such as four-star hotels or above.
  • Materials and Methodology: A blend of presentations, group exercises, role-plays, individual assignments, and problem-solving tasks, supported by pre- and post-assessments.

Trainers and Participants

  • Professional trainers with extensive experience in training and human development.
  • Group sizes are optimized for effective learning, with a typical range of 20-25 participants per group.


Costs are calculated based on the number of training days, the number of participants, and specific training requirements. A detailed breakdown includes costs for needs analysis, program design, delivery, evaluation, materials, and venue.